The Beautiful Life of Tom Pecheux

Paris, Je t'Aime
Growing up on a farm in north-central France, it was cooking, not cosmetics, that initially enthralled Tom Pecheux. With a knack for baking (he makes a mean apple pie), the 18-year-old made his way to Paris in 1984 to start a career as a pastry chef. But the City of Light's other temptations proved more appealing. "I was going out a lot to Le Palace [left] at the end of its glory years," he says. At Paris' answer to Studio 54, Pecheux met a makeup artist who changed his life forever. "There was a little bell in my head and it went, ding, ding, ding. I didn't even know makeup artistry could be a job." Within a few weeks, he had hung up his toque, picked up a makeup brush, and enrolled at Christian Chauveau l'École Technique Privée de Maquillage Artistique.

Photo: Sipa