Beautiful Lives: Lucia Pieroni

In the Beginning
Born in northern England to an Italian father and an Italian-Irish mother, Pieroni comes from an art background. "I was never obsessed with makeup. But I've always been a painter, and I draw," she says. "I've always been creative in that way." When her model sister asked her to do her face on a shoot, Lucia was happy to oblige. Excited by the new mode of artistic expression—and the editorial rates ("I got 50 pounds per story, and that was a huge amount of money, I mean huge," she effuses)—Pieroni soon was lending her talents to everything from "really dodgy covers" for Mills and Boon romance novels to stories for The Face with photographer Andy Bettles. "Andy got me to see Beverly Streeter," the legendary artist manager, says Pieroni. "Beverly took me on with only three things in my book. I was incredibly lucky."

Photo: Michele Morosi /