July 12 2014

styledotcom Nicola Peltz in @LouisVuitton Resort, and more of our favorite red carpet moments this week:

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Eco-friendly, Meet “Eco-chic”


Before Whole Foods began its quest for organic world domination, buying up all other health food stores that stood in its way, Fresh Fields ruled Philadelphia, Bread & Circus kept New England crunchy, and Wild Oats was the Midwest’s answer for all things granola. In the U.K., the “mom and pop” natural supermarket was called Fresh & Wild, and after Whole Foods crossed the pond back in 2004 to assimilate it as well, Fresh & Wild founder Bryan Meehan did the only thing a man with tons of natural know-how (and $38 million) could do: He started a skincare line. After six years of watching women buy everything from biodegradable paper towels to exotic produce from his stores yet systematically turn elsewhere for performance-based cosmetics, Meehan realized that there was a gap in the industry for a high-end skin and body care line that could appeal to the ever-increasing green-and-vain demographic—or the “eco-chic,” as they are called in marketing speak. And so Nude skincare was born last year, a line that’s synthetic-free (no parabens, sulfates, or potential carcinogens) and formulated with high-performance natural ingredients that foster the skin’s protective barriers, which defend it from external damage and provide an ideal environment for its good bacteria to flourish. Star products like their Cleansing Facial Oil and Hydrating Water keep skin balanced, moist, and healthy—and the packaging’s real classy, too. Nude skincare made its grand entrée into Sephora this month, and it’s safe to say that Meehan is effectively back in business.

Photo: Courtesy of Nude Skincare

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