July 26 2014

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model lifts a finger to anti-fur group


Raquel Zimmermann / Paris Vogue

According to the August issue of Paris Vogue, there’s only one way to deal with pesky PETA types threatening to come between you and that rabbit-fur vest you’re coveting for fall. And according to editorial manicurist Lorraine Griffin, that gesture is best made with Creative Nail Design’s “Passionfruit Poppy.” “It all starts with Carine [Roitfeld] telling us what kind of woman she’s envisioning,” Griffin says of the concept for the story, adding that the Paris Vogue editor (and stylist on the shoot) wanted to portray someone “quite extroverted in her normal, everyday life”—hence the hot-pink vulgarity, obviously.

Photo: Mario Testino, “Reality Show” in Paris Vogue, August 2008



  1. Effluvia says:

    I’m so glad we have that close-up finger detail…

  2. theoutsider says:

    Me too – it’ll help me hone my technique going forward.

  3. treehan says:


  4. Katelawrie says:

    Can’t quite get to grips with what I’m reading here!’Pesky PETA types’? I have great admiration for peaceful PETA protesters who get the word out on the cruelty of the fur trade. I’m sure those who wear fur and support the trade would rather stay in denial, I know I couldn’t wear a coat that I knew had been made from an animal kept in revolting conditions and killed by electrocution up it’s bottom so as not to damage it’s fur.

  5. yumpopink says:

    while generally well-intentioned, i’m not sure whether i would describe PETA’s tactics as peaceful…

  6. tracyemiko says:

    Yeah they’re pesky, but you can’t really flick off the truth in good conscience. I still think fur is tacky but there are brands that only use animals who died of natural causes. I hope Vogue doesn’t continue to promote complete disregard of animal rights.

  7. 3dbunny says:

    Remember when top models were running around just saying “no” to fur? It’s so sad to see that worthy causes like the anti-fur movement was just another trend that fell victim to the whim of the fashion industry.

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