August 21 2014

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Clay: Molding the Gym-Spa Hybrid


In today’s fast-paced environment, the idea of the “one-stop shop” is increasingly appealing—even Wal-Mart, whose systematic trouncing of small business is definitely contemptible, astounds with its centralized coffers of toilet paper, socks, Little Debbie’s, face moisturizer, and hunting gear. Like our Middle American brethren, New Yorkers are after a similar kind of multitasking environment, albeit one where camo jackets and tackle boxes are replaced by free-motion circuit training equipment and an on-site acupuncturist. Enter Clay, where gym, spa, organic café, and general health and wellness concepts come together under one roof deck (which has outdoor treatment rooms, BTW). Tucked away on the second floor of a storefront on 14th Street, Clay has everything you need to soothe your body, mind, and spirit; a quick Pilates class can be combo’d with a bikini wax, Green Tea Active Peel, and organic fruit smoothie (with boosters) for the road. There’s also full concierge service, so on the off chance that you should actually need to purchase some ammo for a weekend hunting trip, that too can be arranged.

Clay is located at 25 West 14th Street. For more information, call (212) 206-9200.



  1. bkdnyc says:

    I took part in free CLAY courses that were part of the Mini promotion on 36th and 10th two weeks ago. I must say that, whilst the membership is beyond my budget, the instructor was so kind and inspiring and the pilates mats next to me were filled with gushing CLAY members who had nothing but good to say about this gym. The mango smoothie was dreamy to boot. CLAY sounds amazing, I picture myself there as I return to my YMCA regime.