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Givaudan’s Sniffapalooza


To a true fragrance buff, spritzing one’s wrist with eau de cologne and lighting a few scented candles doesn’t constitute really knowing a perfume. Instead, the truly olfactorally obsessed go beyond these amateur trivialities to get to the heart of a fragrance, often tracing its ingredients to their sources and always staying on top of trends and breaking industry news. For these fanatics, er, loyalists, Givaudan presents, “Sniffapalooza.” On October 11, APOTHIA at Fred Segal on Melrose Avenue will play host to executives from Givaudan as well as a panel of fragrance designers and representatives from niche brands like L’Artisan Parfumeur, Serge Lutens, Comptoir Sud Pacifique, and Diptyque, for a day filled with presentations, shopping—and deluxe goody bags. With both a morning and full-day session option, attendees can expect informed conversation about emerging trends plus, for each trend discussed (spoiler alert: “Magical World: Rediscovering the truth, the marvel, the beauty and the bizarre of nature” is currently on the syllabus), Givaudan will create an exclusive fragrance with six limited-edition bottles available for purchase. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

Photo: Gregor Schuster/GettyImages

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