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It’s a promotional film, not an ad


Seeing as how famous actors and directors are becoming common place in beauty and fashion advertising these days, perhaps it’s not shocking that Ralph Lauren, always in the vanguard, enlisted Hong Kong cult director Wong Kar-Wai, to create the campaign for his newest fragrance, Notorious. The one-minute short, which stars supermodel Laeticia Casta, was shot over a week at some of the most iconic locations in Paris and is on par with a major Hollywood-production (actually, it might be better than some of the stuff that’s made its way to the big screen recently). Since the entire fashion world is shacking up in the City of Lights this week, the clip might be the perfect thing to help those of you watching from afar feel a bit more involved (although we think the quick cuts and up-tempo beat of the behind-the-scenes montage say, “Paris, je t’aime” even more so).

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