August 20 2014

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It’s Deep Plum, Not Black


When you first look at Jimmy Choo’s fall ad campaign, shot by Terry Richardson, you might be momentarily taken aback. Sure, you’re likely to take note of the amazingly sexy contrast of Angela Lindvall’s bronzed calf against the white porcelain tub with brass fixtures. But more so, you’re probably a little—we’re just gonna say it—disappointed to see her perpetuating a black nail polish trend that needs to die. At least we were. “I actually used a plum color called Jet Set,” manicurist Meg Yamamoto explains of the extra-dark lacquer, thus redeeming the master shoemaker’s reputation in our eyes. “I think black nail polish is getting tired,” Yamamoto adds, espousing that it’s all about deep wine, gray-violet, and caramel nails for fall ’08. “These colors portray elegance and confidence,” she surmises—not contrived punk aspirations. Those are soooo 2006.

Photo: Terry Richardson, featuring the Glenys shoe by Jimmy Choo

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