April 18 2014

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Rick Owens’ Ghost-Faced Killers


If you’re wondering whether Rick Owens takes great pains to cast models who may or may not moonlight as vampires, the answer is yes—to the deliberately pallid complexions, that is (we didn’t inquire as to the girls’ off-duty habits). “Transparent, pale, no eyebrows, no eyelashes. Maybe a lip—but not this year,” makeup artist Inge Grognard says, describing the backstage beauty look that she has made synonymous with Owens’ minimalist, dramatically structured clothes. Bringing down brows and dusting on the face powder season after season doesn’t get old for Grognard, however. “Everyone always says, ‘Oh, you do that same kind of thing every year.’ But for me it’s really nice because it’s such a strong look.”

Photo: Marcio Madeira