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R.I.P. Cakey Makeup Face


For product innovators, there’s nothing like word-of-mouth to generate good old-fashioned buzz—especially when the knitting circles where tongues are wagging include people like Gwen Stefani, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Tyra Banks, and Regina King. Luckily for celebrity makeup artists Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz, these women and other A-listers made up the test market for their revolutionary Beautyblender, the multitasking cosmetic sponge that’s taking the beauty world by storm. Released earlier this year, the hot pink, egg-shaped sponge was designed by the duo to provide the kind of flawless makeup coverage associated with screen stars on movie sets. The idea was altruistic, really—they want every woman to have the ability to get an air-brushed finish at home, without the hassle of cutting the edges off foam triangles. Once dampened, the specially engineered suede texture of the Beautyblender’s elliptical shape allows you to smooth out makeup lines in crucial places—like under eyes, around the nose, and below the jawline—so the risk of the dreaded “makeup mask” is essentially a non-issue. Oh, and if you’re slightly uneasy about the idea of displaying this definitively girly accessory on your vanity, rest assured that some of the best names in the biz risked judgment to have them on hand during New York fashion week (yeah, they’re that good).

Photo: Courtesy of Beautyblender

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