August 22 2014

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“Texture,” Not Crimping, at Eley Kishimoto


“Fresh, summery, with lots of texture” is how hairstylist Asashi described the look he gave models at the Eley Kishimoto show this week, although that kind of generic description isn’t what initially caught our eye when we saw his well-crafted updo, which double-timed as a shoulder-length bob in front and a floral braid arrangement in back. No, we were too busy focusing on what looked like a very deliberate crimping job, which was at once a little shocking and kind of exciting. Turns out, Asashi did not have a team of stylists backstage working with the wavy-plated irons of eighties fame (in our imagination, they were also pumping Madonna’s “Lucky Star” and experimenting with scrunchies), but achieved the same effect by prepping hair with Kiehl’s Volumizer, braiding top sections, and then pressing them with a regular old flat iron to set. Far less intriguing than our original mental image, although our retro preoccupations seem to have been realized elsewhere.

Photo: Marcio Madeira



  1. relaxedandnatural says:

    this isn’t really a new technique. Us with “natural” hair simply call this a braid-out. when i rock this do, i cornrow my entire hair, and just unbraid it in the morning.

  2. MizB says:

    I don’t know about “fresh, summery”… for me it looks like a hair in the end om summer desperate for a cut and som nourishing products.

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