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goody bags from jin soon and NARS


Those of you who partake in regular manicures are likely familiar with the feeling of triumph that comes from getting home post-salon visit with nails unscathed. You’re also probably familiar with the more common pangs of despair that accompany the nicks, chips, and smears that can nullify the whole double-coated, Us Weekly-reading experience. For one month beginning November 1, manicure mogul Jin Soon intends to alleviate some of that pain by giving out a complimentary bottle of one of ten different NARS polishes with any regular manicure or pedicure. So now, when the inevitable happens, you can at least do some quick, color-matched touch-ups at home (a top coat and base coat will also be gifted courtesy of NARS while supplies last). Click here to find the Jin Soon location nearest to you.