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Halle Berry’s Hair Knows No Bounds


When you’re a celebrity, any kind of drastic image change is big news in the blogosphere (not to mention the tabloids and even certain national news outlets committed to covering the “tough stories”). Halle Berry’s recent move from sleek and straight to next-level curls has incited a particularly deafening response, however, garnering a slew of online commentary from “retro-fabulous” to “Afro-licious,” as well as a number of “Scary Spice” shout-outs. And while, sure, we might concur with the particular Afro-liciousness on display (let’s face it, Berry is one of those beauties who looks good no matter what her hairstyle), we’re more curious to know if that is real-deal volume or an elaborate experiment with extensions that the actress devised as a means of throwing off the paparazzi. Or maybe it’s all part of a well-thought-out Halloween costume. Anyone?


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