August 22 2014

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Japanese Beauty, Taking “C” To The Exponential


Highlighting all that is cool, cute, clever, and creative to come out of Japan, Felissimo Design House in midtown Manhattan has been playing host to Japan C’s exhibition of Japanese culture and design since August 16. This week is the Secrets of Japanese Beauty showcase, which gave us the opportunity to hear Naomi Moriyama discuss pointers from her book Japanese Women Don’t Get Old Or Fat (why, you ask? omega-3 fatty acids, canola oil, and unsweetened teas, apparently), and to check out the goods from the land of the rising sun. Of note were Takemura Co., Ltd.’s Eyelash-Fiber-in-Liquid, a white charcoal-based elixir that revitalizes lashes damaged by overprocessing and makeup; Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery’s Amino Rise, a high-quality basic skincare product that uses a fermented rice solution to moisturize even the deepest layers of your skin; and Takeda brushes, natural bristled makeup brushes with a signature red handle. But it’s definitely worth having a look for yourself, if you’re in the neighborhood, as there are other C words on display that will also appeal to your senses. Like candy. And cakes.

Felissimo Design House is located at 10 West 56th Street, NYC. For more information, call (212) 956-4438.

Photo: Courtesy of Japan-C

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