August 31 2014

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Living Proof of a World Free of Frizz


Combating frizz is a plight faced by most members of the fairer sex. And while you’ve likely tried one of the countless products on the market that promises smoother, softer hair sans unsightly strays, the general efficacy of these offerings can leave something to be desired. That’s primarily because they’re all formulated using silicone, the single frizz-fighting ingredient that’s been blindly accepted as the one solution to the problem for the past 30 years. Enter Living Proof, a new company made up of a team of scientists led by MIT professor Dr. Robert Langer, whose goal is to invent new beauty formulas for results as yet unseen by even the most experienced product junkies. Looking to fight both causes of frizz—humidity entering the hair shaft and surface friction on the shaft itself—they arrived at a molecule that creates a weightless shield and prevents moisture flux in and out as it coats the cuticle, thus reducing the friction between fibers. Simply called “No Frizz,” the new technology repels materials like oil as well, resulting in a non-greasy coating that doesn’t attract dirt—which means you can go longer between shampoos too. What will they think of next?

Photo: Courtesy of Living Proof

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