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Mascara, Going The Way Of Betamax?


Ever since news broke last year that Lumigan, a glaucoma treatment that can prevent blindness, can also make your eyelashes grow two millimeters in six weeks, beauty seekers with 20/20 vision have been desperately trying to get their hands on a prescription. For those of you who have taken to faking your eye exams, some good news: Allergan, the pharmaceutical company behind the drug, is making plans to apply for a cosmetic license in the U.S., which could mean an end to mascara as early as next year. (RIP, Great Lash. We’ve had a good run.)

Photo: Popperfoto / Getty Images



  1. dagnytaggart1987 says:

    Mascara will never die as long as there are people like me who have very long, but very blonde, eyelashes.

  2. lelaelena says:

    I have blonde lashes too but mine are nowehere near the length I want them at. Just the idea of being able to use a simple darkening lash tint rather than all the hullabaloo I do now is beyond exciting

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