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Milia And Syringoma: Big Words You Should Know


This column features weekly tips and advice from a revolving cast of industry leaders, on hand to discuss your beauty dilemmas, from blemishes to Botox. The following query was culled from a private stock, but we’ll be accepting readers’ questions soon.

I often get small, hard white bumps around my eyes, but they are somehow unpoppable. What are these and do I need to be concerned?

They are likely something called milia—little calcifications that look like whiteheads but have gotten hard. You cannot squeeze these so typically they need to be lanced by a professional. This condition frequently occurs from using too heavy an eye cream or sunscreen around that area, where it’s easier for these things to surface because the skin is very thin. However, it could also be syringoma, a condition in which enlarged glands grow under the skin. These are treated with a number of different removal methods, from acid to lasers.

An expert in dermatology and dermatologic surgery, Dr. Patricia Wexler brings over 22 years of skincare experience to the Counter this week. A board-certified dermatologist with a successful private practice, Dr. Wexler is based in Manhattan and also serves as associate clinical professor for the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

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