August 30 2014

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Scent Artistry And Fighting The Good Fight


With his fashion broadcasting company, SHOWstudio, British photographer Nick Knight has taken to unveiling “the entire process of creativity” live and in real time to style voyeurs worldwide, posting original content that often blends fashion with music, film, and other creative media. The shutterbug’s next adventure in culture-purveying takes jabs, so to speak, at the fragrance world. Violence, as his latest project is called, is a joint effort conceived by Knight and scent artist Sissel Tolaas, in which an “ultimate fighter” dons a T-shirt from Swiss underwear company Zimmerli (what’s a fashion event without a little brand sponsorship, eh?) while he battles it out in the ring. The biochemicals from his sweat will then be extracted to create the basis for a perfume. Conceptual ingenuity aside, Violence is novel in that according to SHOWstudio’s full-disclosure model, every aspect of the process will be documented on the site so that readers can share in and even help decide the project’s progress: In addition to watching the fight live, viewers may also be invited to contribute imagery for the perfume bottle and its packaging. One would assume that Knight will be taking suggestions for the fragrance’s name as well. Here are a few we’ve thought up: “Ferocious”; “Carnal Urges”; and the simple but to-the-point “Sweat.” Anyone else want to throw a few punches?

Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images

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