July 29 2014

styledotcom Why should you match your lipstick to your hair:

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The Poster Girl For Curl Perfection


We asked this nutritionist/part-time model what she used to keep her gorgeous curls full without the frizz, and she told us that she couldn’t reveal her shampoo sources, you know, because of the big beauty campaign she has out right now, obviously. However, she was willing to dole out this little tip: olive oil. “I use it before I go to sleep at night and tie my hair up,” she says. “Then, when I wake up, it’s easy to manage.” She also credits washing her hair only once a week and conditioning every day for her enviable locks. And then there’s her good genes, of course.

Photo: Ben Ferrari



  1. redhautefashion says:

    loved your locks…they are too gud …olive oil, no wonder y u got such lovely curls!!!!

  2. choklatstar says:

    Olive oil,pure and refined is an ancient beauty secret and one available from Japanese cosmetic lines.
    My daughter manages her curls the same way, secretly.

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