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Beauty, In The Eye Of The Beholder


Call it snobbery or just discerning taste, but when we received a package with what appeared to be a box of glorified Q-tips called Hollywood Secrets, we were a little hesitant to put it at the top of our “must-try” list. However, we’d like to formally apologize for judging this book by its cover. The brand’s Five Minute Eye Transformation claims to act as a laser, Botox, scalpel, and eight hours’ rest all in one, and upon giving it a whirl—mostly out of desperation after a particularly rough (few) nights—we’d like to report that it actually works (although better than Botox, it is not). Boasting the active ingredient Argireline, an antiaging peptide that reduces the appearance of wrinkles by causing muscle contractions around the forehead and around the eyes, each Q-tip application of Five Minute Eye Transformation results in an immediate tightening effect and an almost instant, visible reduction in puffiness that allegedly lasts over eight hours. The skin’s surface texture also becomes smoother, so you can apply concealer at will without creasing. Highly recommended as an addition to whatever post-party regimen you’ve currently got going.

Photo: HollywoodSecrets

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