August 29 2014

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Best. Extensions. Ever


Attention Upper East Siders—especially Blake Lively and Leighton Meester: There’s a new Queen B in town. That would be Jessica Szohr, a.k.a. Gossip Girl‘s Vanessa, and her set of ultra outrageous (and natural looking!) hair extensions. Spotted last night at both the Juicy Couture flagship store opening on Fifth Avenue and Lucky magazine’s 5th annual “Lucky Shops” event, the CW star pretty much surpassed her co-stars in otherworldliness, with a zigzag part and what was likely a 1″ curling iron. We’re assuming that you’re all in agreement with our OMFG sentiments, although there’s always room for dissenting opinions. Still a Serena fan? A backer of Blair? A proponent of a shorter-haired Vanessa? Divulge. xoxo.

Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images



  1. turnstyle1 says:

    her hair is nice, but that belt isnt working, is it?

  2. lelaelena says:

    She’ll never outdo the slightly dissheveled, yet very very classic hair look Lively sports.

    And as for becoming a bigger fashion icon than Meester…she’s gonna have to do a lot more work than that.

  3. philosophie says:

    i agree… she will probably not get as popular, but she has a much more exotic and natural look.

  4. fashionite says:

    She just doesnt do it for me. The extensions look alright though.

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