August 29 2014

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Corn Rows, Not Just For Bo Derek and Hip-Hop Stars


Any doubts as to Olga Kurylenko’s street cred were put to rest today, when the Ukrainian model-turned-actress showed up to the Tokyo premiere of Quantum of Solace with corn rows and what appeared to be three ear piercings. The braids—finished off with a satin ribbon-tied bun—aren’t going to sit well with purist pundits who like their hair down and their Bond girls glamorous. But let us be the first to say—yes. Yes to a little street-gang flair on the red carpet, and yes to Kurylenko’s willingness to shake things up a bit. We like a little spunk in our secret agents.

Photo: Jun Sato/ WireImage



  1. frameaddict says:

    Thank you for trivializing my culture and a way African women have been styling their hair for centuries . The recent adaption of this hair style by hip- hop culture is just a foot note in the tradition and significance of African hair styles.

  2. angelajoyd says:

    im sorry, im not feeling this at all. its just too much, especially with the three rows of earrings.

  3. turnstyle1 says:

    ew, “trivializing” your culture? i see it as BIG UPS to your culture. we’re all god’s children here.

    negativity is a waste of time…especially on a BEAUTY BLOG!

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