September 1 2014

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Getting Dirty For A Deeper Clean


DIATOMACEOUS EARTH/ (dahy-at-uh-mahyt-uhs urth)/n./ 1. A dirtlike substance made from the finely ground fossils of prehistoric algae; n./ 2. Commonly used as a deterrent for household and garden insect pests, it is also a pure, nonabrasive alternative to aluminum-based microdermabrasion treatments, in which mineral-rich particles provide a soft, skin-buffing effect; e.g. “Kick-start your skincare regimen from the ground up, with a diatomaceous-earth face scrub that gently exfoliates dry, dead skin to reveal a more glowing complexion.”

Try it: Philosophy Never Let Them See You Shine Scrub, $20,



  1. atoochin says:

    This is also a great NON-toxic critter killer. I had a cat AND I had roaches and my neighbors told me about it. It is safe if you have pets and kids because some farmers use it in feed bags.

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