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Jade, Alice, And Pixie, Power Trio


This image from last night’s British Fashion Awards is exciting for four reasons: Jade Jagger’s bangs, Alice Dellal’s signature shaved-on-one-side dirty-blond locks, Pixie Geldof’s challenging headpiece, and the fact that the three of them are all standing together for one hell of a black-clothes-only photo op. Please also note how individual accessorizing inclinations only serve to further the hairstyle stigmas on display here, those being classy, punk, and, um, “different,” respectively. We appreciate the fashion and beauty continuity. You?

Photo: Jonathan Hordle / Rex USA



  1. Appollonia says:

    This “Power Trio”?

    How low can you go here? Rich spoilt off-spring has “power”? Power in what?

    No, I do not appreciate the “fashion and beauty continuity”!!! I begin to like Perez Hilton more and more. He’s a straight forward celeb-crazy-fun-guy and has that sense of humour you people miss here. The fashion scene is going down-hill. Why didn’t you published some photos of the drugged out trio at the end of the “stylish event”?

    Jade gets old and fat and needs desperately “play-mates” her own age! Pathetic….Oh well, maybe she looks likes her daddy…..

  2. ratherbebarefoot says:

    No, no, no.
    These three girls are wicked. I especially love the headband, the shave-one-side locks, and the heaps of pearls. But I guess trying it all at the same time might be a BIT much…

  3. jzas55 says:

    you and i and everyone else knows that this trio looks amazing. Pixie Geldof’s dress is insane. If i could pull off the shaved-on-one-side look, like Alice Dellal, I would but most can’t. And messing with Jade Jagger for being old is just wrong.

  4. Appollonia says:

    They wouldn’t be nothing if they weren’t filthy rich off-spring. They are not royals either. Nothing…looks ain’t everything or the right clothes(whatever that is??) I think its tragic this girls are admired and called a “power trio”!

    I’m not going to be brainwashed with the isanity off this nonsense!
    That’s my opinion because nothing is new or refreshing about these girls. Nothing is accomplished by themselves…..

  5. turnstyle1 says:

    i love chainmail

  6. thebunnie says:

    Um, that’s Lizzie Jagger in the middle, not Allice Dellal. And Pixie looks great, not like some stylist-approved mannequin. Maybe you folks should try remembering when you were young and willin to take some fashion risks.

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