August 31 2014

styledotcom How to dress when the temps start to drop:

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Makeup That Can Take The Heat


Rochelle Rae (the Texas-based makeup artist, not an alias for the popular Food Network star of similar name) used the renowned humidity of Austin in the summer as inspiration when formulating her eponymous, mineral-based product line. In addition to powders, tints, and eyeshadows that provide great coverage, Rae Cosmetics are derived from natural ingredients and—get this—are completely water-resistant. Thanks to trace elements of zinc oxide in the range, which also boasts vitamins and antioxidants like ginko biloba, ginseng, and chamomile, you can literally sweat the small stuff and not have to worry about streaking or creasing.

Photo: Courtesy of Rae Cosmetics



  1. galvan2819 says:

    Wow,I got on blog today, and have just been reading the faboules things,I just got done reading about how you can help your hair reproduce shine and feel soft after not getting much sleep, and now about make up. I think this product will sell a lot, I want to know where I can get it? It’s about time they come out with make-up that can be warn and not have to worry about the sweat fadding it away, especially in california I have recently relized. I moved down here not to long ago from Oregon ( which hardly get warm. I got here and have seen that I just couldn’t resist wearing make up because, after two hours of putting it on I would just not look good anymore, so I decided to stop wearing any make up while I lived here. Now that they have made this new make up I wont hesatate to go and buy some. Great invention.

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