August 21 2014

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The Superfruit That Everyone’s Sweet On


ACEROLA/(as-uh-roh-luh)/ n./ 1. The cherrylike fruit of the small tree Malpighia glabra, common to the West Indies and adjacent areas; / n./ 2. Also known as the Barbados cherry, this emerging superfruit is said to be 20 to 30 times richer in vitamin C than the orange and is becoming prevalent in the beauty industry for its ability to even skin tone, boost collagen and elastin levels, and defend against the damaging effects of free radicals, which can age skin prematurely, e.g., “Acai is so three years ago. To maintain a youthful appearance and your trendsetting status, get your antioxidant rush from acerola.”

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Photo: Bernd Euler



  1. gypsydoll29 says:

    I have an acerola tree in the patio of my house in Dominican Republic! We call them “cerezas.” My grandmother used to tell me that just one had all the vitamin C I needed for the day. Its funny I never thought of these benefits as I ate them all throughout my teens. I don’t know if using the extracts topically will yield the same results as eating them (They are really good – a little sour, but the redder they become the sweeter they taste). I guess it helped my skin in the long run because people often do not believe I’m 25 by looking at my face. Thanks Grandma!

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