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When The Night Time Is The Right Time


These days, the idea of getting nine full hours of beauty sleep is something of an urban legend. Between demanding jobs, increasingly entertaining television programming, and let us not forget pressing social commitments, we’re lucky if we manage to work in five or six hours at most—which, as the dark circles around our eyes probably indicate, are not enough to leave us looking refreshed and vibrant in the morning. But our hair shouldn’t have to bear the consequences. With Kérastase’s Noctogenist line of overnight restorative treatments, you can literally wake up with the shiny, soft, supple locks of your dreams. Formulated with amino acids, which bolster those already found in the hair shaft, and vitamin E derivatives to shield hair from daily trauma, Voile Nuit (a spray for fine hair) and Serum Nuit (a serum for thicker hair) restore health and luster when used two to three times a week. Best part? They work while you’re sleeping, so technically, you’re still being productive. (We know. The idea of ever stopping scares us, too.)

Photo: Courtesy of Kérastase



  1. galvan2819 says:

    Great idea, I have been wondering what i could do about my hair, it’s crazy to see that not sleeping not only effects your eyes but your hair and your body. I have been packed with homework latley and have only been running around with at the most five hourse of sleep, and I must have to say that it’s starting to show not only in my eyes but in my hair too, I used to have hair that was shinny and always oily, I couldn’t go a day with out showering but not I feel that all the oils in my hair have just been getting less and less, and I think it’s because I haven’t gotton much sleep. At least now I know I can at least fix it!

  2. laurenbro says:

    Do you think I would need to sleep on a towel? Or wrap my hair in toilet paper like my greek friends mother’s used to do, in between visits to the salon?
    My hair is SO dry lately. Night-time treatments, while enticing, leave me wondering what my pillow will look like in the a.m.
    Thoughts, oh mighty blog-o-sphere?

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