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FDA Approves Latisse; Lash Lovers Rejoice


It’s official: According to a statement released on Friday by Allergan, Inc., the pharmaceutical company that brought us Botox has received FDA approval to market a spin-off of its Lumigan glaucoma treatment as the world’s first and only drug that can enhance the length, thickness, and darkness of eyelashes. As we reported a few months ago, the scientific breakthrough that came about as an odd side effect from a medication intended to treat blindness could spell the end of mascara as we know it, with visible results promised in as little as eight weeks. Renamed Latisse, the drug will be available only with a prescription beginning in early 2009, although the company is no doubt trying to get it approved as an over-the-counter cosmetic as soon as possible. Until then, you’ll have to try and make a really, really convincing argument to your doctor about how your short, positively inadequate lashes are causing you “pain.”

Photo: Seth Joel/Getty Images



  1. dolcecherise says:

    I’m positively ecstatic at the news – I’m glad this isn’t only OTC because I’d love to have my insurance cover the entire fee! Free lashes for me!

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