August 20 2014

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Patyka, An Exercise In Practicing What You Preach


The charming apothecary is alive and well in New York’s West Village—reaching beyond C.O. Bigelow’s monolithic Sixth Avenue digs and stretching down to Carmine Street, where the first stand-alone Patyka store in the United States recently opened its doors. Decorated with mostly earth tones, the 450-square-foot space is the visual embodiment of the French company’s commitment to making sophisticated organic products in a simple but luxurious way. Vintage and repurposed fixtures adorn the cabinets and oak tables display face care products, body oils, washes, fragrances, and more from all three of Patyka’s full lines. Stocking Biokaliftin, the most effective organic cosmeceuticals on
the market; its classic line of signature skincare products, which have been repackaged in PET instead of glass to minimize the company’s carbon footprint; and the new Green line, a diffusion (read: affordable) body and face line in which nothing exceeds $19, the store serves as both calming retail oasis and high-brow recycling depot: As part of Patyka’s commitment to sustainable beauty, there will be a redemption service for any/all empty bottles brought in.

Patyka is located at 33 Carmine Street, between Bleecker and Bedford streets
in New York City.

Photo: Courtesy of Patyka



  1. styleistas says:

    I dont want to be mean ..but since I live in nyc…and am obsessed with beauty products…I visit every store..I saw the owner of this beauty line..and he looked really old also for his age…listen people if your going to sell me youth creams and potions dont look like you dont use your own product. LOOK YOUNG!!!
    hey btw …magazine people write aboout some products where the owners look young!! us customers are desperate for the truth….give me something real!

  2. rubyeyo says:

    This is a ridiculous comment. Do you check to make sure your clothes are designed by attractive people before buying? Do you only take classes from a professor with patches on his jacket and a pipe? I don’t care if Sloth from the Goonies is selling me beauty products as long as they WORK.

  3. ribbons says:

    sorry but I also agree with the first comment…I want a product that erases lines, and if the inventor or maker is selling me a youth cream and they dont look wrinkled ..why would I buy it.. i work so hard for my $$$ and in this economy ..I think that person just wants to see a product that sells youth and the person looks good for their age ..thats all..its like would you buy diet pills from an obese person ,,sad but probably not.. you seem angry ..I know the truth hurts..I feel your anger.