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Prada Parfum, On The Silver Screen


If you missed the debut of Miuccia Prada’s Fallen Shadows, the animated short film she created with director James Lima that screened at the Prada store during fashion week in September, all is not lost. The designer has facilitated a spin-off starring Amber, the first Prada fragrance for women, that will show before and after feature-length films in 300 Italian cinemas through December 31. (For those of you who aren’t Christmasing in Tuscany this year, a tie-in print advertising campaign based on images from the film will be running concurrently in U.S.- and U.K.-based magazines and newspapers.) A media-spanning marketing tool that’s intended to express the brand’s connections to the world of film—and sell some perfume along the way—the new, shorter short is based on a single frame from the original film, depicting the brand’s iconic atomizer bottle. From this, Prada and Lima created a screenplay for the advertisement, which illustrates how the shadow protagonist drenches herself in the fragrance, and in so doing, changes color from black to pink before fading out into the lace pattern of Fall collection fame. To watch the clip, choose the “Perfume” spin-off from the Fallen Shadows tab in the “Projects” section on

Photo: Courtesy of Prada Fragrances

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