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Stay Healthy (and Out of the Red)


If the current economic climate has forced you to make some changes to your lifestyle (read: cut back on those biweekly facials, personal training sessions, and other “gratuitous” forms of personal enhancement), you don’t have to resolve to completely let yourself go in 2009. In response to growing inquiries as to how to maintain optimal health with minimal financial commitment, the medical and spa communities have teamed up to offer ten ways to look good in the new year—while conserving your funds. Below, we’ve listed some of their suggestions, complemented by a few of our own; if anything, you can use them as a very manageable plan B when that “I WILL go to the gym every day” resolution falls by the wayside.

Drink more tea.

A source of healing antioxidants that can help prevent various types of cancer, lower cholesterol, and reduce blood pressure, green tea has been known to assist in weight loss as well. Replacing your daily coffee intake with green tea can do wonders for your health, not to mention your budget; brewing a big pitcher that you can enjoy iced all week will save you some serious pocket change (and line time) at your local Starbucks.

Make it mineral makeup.

The all-natural, unadulterated mineral compounds in these product lines are free of heavy filters and pore-clogging ingredients and allow even the most acne-prone skin to breathe freely underneath layers of foundation and powder—which can help you avoid the cost and commitment of clarifying skincare products. We like Youngblood Cosmetics, which offers a pretty impressive range of colors and incredibly smooth formulas.

Get a weekly massage.

This actually made the aforementioned list of ways to scale back in 2009, mostly because of the benefits associated with massage when administered by a trained professional on a regular basis. These include increased lymphatic drainage and a reduction in water retention, cellulite, tension, and muscle pain, as well as increased oxygen and blood flow throughout the body. A quick Internet search will help you find discount services near you so you can get some self-prescribed relaxation on the cheap.

Detoxify and hydrate.

While this doesn’t necessarily have to mean deliberately starving yourself with the lemonade diet or shelling out for expensive juicing programs, purging your body of toxins regularly is a good way to keep skin clear and your body beautiful—and can save you money on reparative treatments down the road. Wild Rose Herbal Detox Kit is a good biannual option, while regular salt-water foot baths and a diet that consists of foods that are naturally “cleansing”—like lemons; garlic; green, leafy vegetables; broccoli; and sesame seeds—can also work wonders. Also, never underestimate the power of drinking lots of water to get more energy and reduce bloating.

Photo: Courtesy of Youngblood Cosmetics

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