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The Pill-Popper’s Guide To Dealing With Dandruff


As we’ve oft noted these last couple of months, with winter weather comes winter skin of the chapped, dry, flaky variety. Your scalp is not typically spared the tyrannical hold of the season’s icy grip, and while there are a myriad shampoos and treatments on the market to help combat dandruff, you can also fight it from the inside out and stick to your normal hair care regimen. Rene Furterer’s Vitalfan nutritional supplements provide an easy, ingestible solution to various imbalances of the scalp, hair, and skin, with dry extract of amino-acid rich cardamine to promote keratin production and stimulate scalp circulation. An alphabet of vitamins from B8 and B6 to PP, A, and E also promotes growth and shine. To help the capsules work their magic, you might also consider purchasing a humidifier to reduce dryness in the air and be sure not to shampoo too often so you can preserve some of the scalp’s natural, protective oils. Dry shampoo makes a great between-showers solution to any excess oil you might need to deal with.

Photo: Courtesy of Rene Furterer



  1. pgalvan says:

    Where can I get it? I have been having a few problems with my hair, besides my bad cut but also with the texture of my hair. I feel dry and the ends just complete die on me, and I hardly do anything with it do have it look and feel the way it does. I never blow dry my hair, curl, or even straighten it. I maybe do it 5 times a month if anything, to just go out when it’s something important. I am not so sure what it’s making my hair that way. you think this will help then?

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