August 28 2014

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CK One Goes For A Truly Universal Appeal


The fact that Barack Obama’s messages of change and hope have actually inspired our great, apathetic nation will be something to behold when he gets inaugurated on January 20th in front of what will no-doubt be a record crowd gathered to see greatness unfold before them. If you choose to watch from home on that Tuesday, you will witness another display of unity in the form a new CK One commercial that is, coincidentally enough, said to be inspired by a social movement of people coming together. The “We Are One” spot will feature a song written by Jamie Burke—the long-haired British model, musician, and onetime Sienna Miller boyfriend—who also appears in the TV and print campaign which, get this, also features models of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones. (Apparently, change has indeed inspired the fragrance company once known for propagating heroin-chic and kiddie porn.) To reinforce Burke’s original composition, a limited edition CK One bottle printed with the words “We Are One” in a number of languages will be on sale, set in a base which includes a removable MP3 speaker. A lighter, all-over CK One body spray will also make its debut later this month.

Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein Fragrances



  1. Tmaxey says:

    If ckone was actually looking for “universal appeal” it should have at very least, a few plus size models in the ad campaign. Since most of the population is not a size 2, then the universality of the appeal is somewhat unrealistic.

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