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Miss Indiana Wears The Crown, In Case You Actually Care


For those of you who may have missed it—due to Saturday night plans or out of sheer ignorance to the fact that it was actually taking place—the Miss America pageant aired this past weekend on TLC. I mention the possibility of being caught unaware because I happen to fall into this category, having had absolutely no idea that 1) it was on this weekend and 2) that it was still on at all. Were it not for the fact that I stumbled upon this hilariously poignant article that questions the relevancy of the almost 90-year-old beauty contest (which, for the record, is now referred to as a “scholarship pageant”), it would have completely slipped me by. Which is odd, considering that as a child, I held elaborate Miss America-watching slumber parties that included finger foods and an at-home voting system. (Truth time: I may have also begged and pleaded with my grandmother for tickets to the actual pageant in the late eighties). Have we, as liberated women, simply grown tired of organized events that give credence to walking around in a bathing suit and heels and count operatic renditions of dated show tunes as “talents,” or has the Miss America organization simply dropped the ball on updating and properly publicizing its show? Discuss.

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  1. ndarling says:

    The Beauty Pagent is way past it’s sell by date. I think it is just a glorified way of autioning off women to the highest bidder. Beauty cannot just be obtained by parading around in a swimsuit in order to get a satus. Long gone are the days when women were silent and pretty.

  2. jA_1 says:

    OF COURSE people CARE about this Pagent, if they didn’t there wouldn’t be literally, thousands of young women competing. Its totally RUDE for you to comment “if anyone cares”… duh!

  3. SuneShineCheyenne says:

    I have been in several pageants in the last 3 years. Being a kid that didn’t like public speaking or smiling it really helped me do just that. It didn’t make me mean or “evil” persay. I really enjoy them. However being a pageant is not about being silenced. Pageants help women speak their mind and say things that they believe. Although pageants are great USA pageants I have found to be based on beauty and not brains. The only pageants that people have seen are USA ones, this gives people the thought that all pageants are for beautiful stupid women. Which is wrong.

  4. k3turah says:

    I think it is a dying tradition. We don’t respect and enjoy it any more.

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