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Room Service, Of The Hair Variety


Have you ever wished that in addition to a pastry basket and bowl of fresh berries you could also order a quick trim or blow-out with a celebrity stylist to your hotel room? Thanks to a partnership between the Park Hyatt and Louis Vuitton, this simple luxury is now possible. Famed French filmmaker, photographer, and hair artist to the stars John Nollet—who personally attends to Monica Belluci and Marion Cotillard’s tresses and was the man responsible for the hair in Amélie and Dancer in the Dark—is embarking on a world tour of sorts, visiting 11 Park Hyatts in cities spanning the globe. Dubai, Milan, Moscow, Istanbul, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Sydney will play host to Nollet and a set of oversize bespoke Vuitton trunks filled with his shears, combs, and products. For about €700 (about $930), limited local clientele, including the Park Hyatt’s and Louis Vuitton’s most loyal customers, can expect a private hair diagnosis and the option of a haircut or color treatment in the stylist’s suite, followed by a presentation of his unique collection of haute couture hair accessories, specially designed for the tour. Visit for more information on accommodations in each location.

Photo: Courtesy of Hyatt Hotels

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