September 1 2014

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Touch And You Shall Receive


If, like us, you’ve been patiently waiting for the day when vending machines of urban legend proportions finally arrive from the technologically advanced street corners of Tokyo and Seoul, bringing with them the instant gratification of a cell phone or an undergarment purchased on the fly, read on. As reported in this month’s W magazine, former Dove consultant Mara Segal has taken this more-than-just-a-receptacle-for-Doritos concept and L.A.-ified it, filling her souped-up U*tique consoles with high-end beauty and personal care products from the likes of Smashbox Cosmetics and MD Skincare. Intended for use in boutique hotel lobbies, upscale gym locker rooms, exclusive nightclubs, fancy malls, and airports, each digitized device can be customized and was designed to be as much of a learning tool as a time saver; a touch screen will display brand profiles, ingredient lists, and video demonstrations at the simple swipe of a finger. The machines are set to roll out over the next two years, although a proper debut is scheduled at Studio, the specialty beauty boutique in Fred Segal, this month.

Photo: Courtesy of U*Tique Shop



  1. ashbeauty says:

    ummm, I can’t…this is amazing…

    Can we please have one in NY asap?!

    Though I’m wondering how you pay for your items…is there a credit card swiper or do you just put in a $50 bill for your $20 product and get a bunch of change back like at the metro card machines…

  2. marock says:

    I think it’s just a credit card swiper. Sounds awesome, I hope they end up all over the country

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