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Dr. Marsha Gordon Considers Zit Zappers


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I am interested in all those new, electro-current handheld devices that claim to literally zap acne away. Do they work?

I’m what’s called a “late adopter.” I like to give new devices some time on the market before I wholeheartedly recommend them. That said, there are handheld devices currently on the market with studies supporting their effectiveness in the treatment of acne. Whether they work better than some of our traditional topical acne medications, which have a long safety record, remains to be seen.

A nationally recognized expert on the issues of skincare, cosmetic dermatology, and the prevention and detection of skin cancer, Dr. Marsha Gordon has co-authored a book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Beautiful Skin, and frequently appears on New York magazine’s Best Doctors list. She serves as the vice chairman of Mount Sinai Medical Center’s Division of General Dermatology and as a consulting dermatologist to the St. Ives brand.


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