August 29 2014

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Hello Kitty: The Cinemercial


With all the craziness going on, we only just now realized that MAC finally posted the elaborate video it made in conjunction with its massive Hello Kitty launch last week. We had the bizarre pleasure of watching this last fall when we previewed the collection in a room full of overenthusiastic marketing folk and other bloggers (whose love for the animated character far surpassed our own) and have been wanting to share it with you, dear readers, ever since. A few points for discussion: that strange pink portal reminiscent of the birth canal; the quick transition from fluffy fantasy to a dark S&M house of horrors; male bondage dancers with large cat heads. Maybe it’s just us, but the whole thing smacks of a bad trip, rather than an advertisement for makeup. Go on, have a look. And don’t be shy about sharing your thoughts.



  1. NotMod says:

    Sooo…I see Alice and Monroe making a case against thick pink lipstick. Is that education still necessary there days?

  2. Idan says:

    love the add! love the props and the whole thing is just superbly amazing! <3

  3. kitten99 says:

    Some warbly carnival music, reminiscent of a freakshow, would have done just as well. It does fit the MAC image though.

  4. garnerstyle says:

    Im loving the modern interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. If nothing else this ad kept my attention.

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