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Introducing The “Neo-Oriental”


Giorgio Armani is covering a lot of ground with his new fragrance trilogy, Onde. The scents are inspired by the rituals of the Far East and named for the music created by the vibration—Onde means wave in French—of an ancient gong. The press release calls it “a sound that resonates within a woman’s body and mind, a prelude to the senses.” The amber musk, floral patchouli, and powdery jasmine compositions that make up Mystère, Vertige, and Extase, respectively, are intended to evoke a sensual journey through a modern exotic setting. Middle Eastern harems, opulent Indian palaces, and Japanese geisha dens are just a few images the fragrances are meant to conjure, hence the term “neo-oriental.” Confused? Not to worry. Giorgio Armani Beauty’s celebrity face designer and national artistic director, Tim Quinn, will be on hand at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City today and tomorrow to walk you through it and preview the limited-edition Onde color collection, which he designed specifically for the fragrance campaign. To book a consultation, call (212) 940-2962.

Photo: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty

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