August 28 2014

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MAC + Jin Soon = Nail Magic?


In addition to getting an opportunity to watch some of the best makeup artists in the world play with a selection of as-yet-unreleased cosmetics this week, we got word of a few new launches that we think you might find very interesting. MAC Cosmetics has big plans for black; it will release a still unnamed collection of black lip glosses, lipsticks, eye shadows, and greasepaint sticks later this year, all of which are as versatile as they are straightforward. Cases in point: Polly Osmond used the black lipstick from the new line to create maybe the best gray lip of the week at Tuleh; Charlotte Tilbury applied the new gold-flecked black gloss to eyes for a wet shimmer
at Donna Karan; and Tom Pecheux combined the metallic black Mineralize Eye Shadow with shades of blue and gray for a more complex smoky eye at Badgley Mischka. We were even more intrigued by a tip we got backstage at Doo.Ri, where we learned that manicurist and nail polish creative genius Jin Soon is reportedly partnering with MAC to launch a line of matte nail polishes due out in September. (Like we’ve said before, matte nail polish: huge for fall.) You heard it here first.

Photo: From left, courtesy of Mac Cosmetics; Martin Mistretta/Getty Images



  1. ManGlaze_Nails says:

    ManGlaze launched the original matte nail polish back in the summer of 2007. We only have 2 colors, The Death Tar (matte black) and Fuggen Ugly (matte grey). ManGlaze goes on easy enough that a guy can do it. :D And it’s tough enough to withstand the abuse of some of the hardest shredding guitarists out there. The creators of ManGlaze don’t consider themselves to be creative genii, just a couple guys who thought unglossy nail polish would be the sh*t. It’s pretty cool to see our “trend” has caught on!

    ManGlaze INK.

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