August 28 2014

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The “Cure” For Aging, In The Hands Of The FDA


If you’re somewhat health-obsessed or something of a foodie, you’ve no doubt heard claims made over the past few years about the heart-health benefits of two of the world’s most decadent comestibles, red wine and chocolate. Less commonly known is the theory that these delicacies also have antiaging capabilities, although the word is officially out now that David Sinclair, head of Harvard Medical School’s antiaging research team, published a study showing that resveratrol, the active compound found in both foods, actually stimulates the “longevity” gene and could help organisms live up to 20 percent longer. A leading pharmaceutical company promptly bought the research for $750 million, according to Cosmetics Business, and plans to distribute a new youth-enhancing wonder drug within the next five years, if clinical trials go according to plan. (The time to start coming up with ways to pass off a prescription as “necessary” for insurance purposes is now.)

Photo: Paul Avis/Getty Images


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