July 26 2014

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In these tough times, cutting corners from your wardrobe to your maquillage is practically de rigueur. We asked some notoriously beautiful girls how they skimp in the primping department.

Freida Pinto, in the VIP room at Dolce & Gabbana:

“Times are hard but I believe less is more. Concealer is the essential element. I swear by Vichy’s Dermablend. It’s very skin friendly. If I want to add to this I use mascara (Chanel) and lip gloss. My favorite color is Tangerine Jet by Dior.”

Chanel Iman, backstage at Versace:

“Hands down value for your money is Rosebud Lip Balm at Sephora. It’s just this one product that softens your cuticles, cures baby rash, and glosses up your lips. Cheap mascaras like Maybelline work better for me. The ones that charge more seem to clot. It’s crazy but true!”

Milla Jovovich, at Roberto Cavalli’s dinner:

“Your big investment must always be on skincare. It’s just something I believe you can’t skip on. I swear by the Swiss brand Cellcosment.”

Photo: SGP / Stefano Guindani

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