August 22 2014

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Chew On This: Tooth-Whitening Gum?


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Are chewing gums that claim to whiten your teeth really effective or just a marketing ploy?

The biggest gain to chewing gum is increasing the flow of saliva from the salivary ducts simply by the mechanical action of chewing. The additional salivary flow does, to some degree, wash away plaque that can stick to teeth and cause decay and gum disease. That being said, chewing gums that claim to whiten your teeth might make your teeth appear lighter in color by removing surface stains but cannot do so by bleaching or altering the enamel in any way.

As a leader in the cosmetic dentistry movement, Dr. Marc Lowenberg is renowned in celebrity circles for an artistic ability to perfect his patients’ smiles, bearing in mind their individual facial structure and personality. Making regular appearances on television programs like Extreme Makeover, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Live With Regis and Kelly, the Today show, and Good Morning America, Dr. Lowenberg is also a popular fixture on the lecture circuit—and in New York, where he runs a private practice with his partner, Dr. Gregg Lituchy.

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