August 27 2014

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Jennifer Aniston’s L.A. Looks


Jennifer Aniston has definitely cultivated a look over her almost two decades of fame. After all the “Rachel” haircut hoopla, she seems to have settled on a perma-tan plus blond highlights, topped off with
frequent bronzer abuse. Last night’s Marley & Me premiere in London was no exception (how torturous for our friends across the pond to have had to wait this long for all that big-screen, family fun). Jen’s latest red-carpet look prompted us to wonder whether someone needs to tell the actress to tone it down on the SoCal loving or if, perhaps, she’s just that L.A. Thoughts?

Photo: Eamonn McCormack/WireImage



  1. angelajoyd says:

    jennifer anniston is not stylish, the blonde highlights and tan thing is all she has. if you take away her bronze beauty she will be way too plain jane.

  2. kitten99 says:

    Agreed – the tan is all she has, and even so, she is still plain jane for me.

  3. thebunnie says:

    She looks great!

  4. StyleContext says:

    she looks lovely, thats just what we love about her…she so sunny.

  5. jgalinski says:

    She looks great, I think you’re reaching. It works for her and despite what I’m sure is an amazing amount of time and effort on her part-it looks incredibly easy and attainable. Everyone doesn’t have to be cutting edge.

  6. NicoleMartin says:

    I agree…this works for her and she looks great why mess that up.

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