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Lash Lovers’ Delight


As readers of this blog already know, we are somewhat lash obsessed, and between its extensions services at Barneys courtesy of Soul Lee‘s masterful hands and its iconic 24-karat gold curler, no label gives us more bat for our buck than Shu Uemura. The seasonal offerings and designer collaborations that come from its Tokyo Lash Bar hold equal appeal, which is why a recent preview of what’s in store for fall has us all a-flutter. The new Lashes in Nature collection features exclusive designs from four Shu makeup masters: Gina Brooke (Madonna’s personal face painter), Kakuyasu Uchiide, Yuji Asano, and Mina Matsumura, who channeled flowers, forests, oceans, and the skies for nine different creations. Click here to peruse our picks, and remember: While they might not be everyday wear, there’s nothing wrong with breaking them out for special occasions—or to simply traipse around your apartment while taking occasional mirror breaks. To preorder your own pair, go to

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  1. turnstyle1 says:

    i love the gold 24k curler

  2. redvanda says:

    designs are SO japanese street style…very ‘Manga’ comic…Love it so much!

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