August 27 2014

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QVC Makes Amends
















Don’t believe everything you see on TV. After airing segments about dietary supplements and anti-cellulite creams that “really work” (spoiler alert: they didn’t), the FTC is making QVC pay a $1.5 million civil penalty plus $6 million to consumers who bought the faulty “miracle” products. The shopping channel hasn’t admitted that the ads were deceptive but has agreed to the settlement to avoid further legal costs, according to We’re all for doling out reparations when they’re due, but like…come on. There’s gotta be a little bit of consumer responsibility here. Believing that diet pills and lotions are going to knock off a few dress sizes is somewhat misguided. We’re of the mind that short of lipo, there’s no quick fix when it comes to weight loss, and if people are willing to be swindled into believing the hype that there is, the swindler is not completely to blame. Do you agree or do you think justice had been served?

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  1. Vicky89 says:

    definitely agree people are stupid enough to believe it.

  2. SunE says:

    Has anyone at Style noticed the global economic meltdown going on as a result of corporate and individual malfeasance? Where the consumer is sold an attractive line of bull by expert marketers and then has to live with the consequences? That kind of thing is just okeydoke with Style and Vicky89? Yes?

  3. pharr1209 says:

    I think its GREAT!
    And I hope it’s the start of a new movement against the beauty industry.
    Because saying something can ‘help you lose weight’ is one thing – but saying something will ‘erase cellulite’ is a hugely falsified and misleading promotion – because it’s scientifically proven that NOTHING can ‘cure’ cellulite (only reduce the appearance of it, temporally)…

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