August 29 2014

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Girl With The Pearl Face Wash


Seeing as how I appreciate fine craftsmanship, exceptional design, and things of the sparkly variety, I was pretty excited to receive a big package from Bulgari last week. Excitement quickly turned to surprise when I opened said package only to find a collection of skincare products rather than little black boxes embossed with gold writing (Bulgari and beauty—who knew? I am a fashion editor, not a beauty editor, after all). Surprise segued into intrigue as I read the enclosed press packet and learned that the iconic jewelry company was “exploiting its extensive experience in gemology” and exploring the beneficial, skin-enhancing properties of precious stones. An interesting concept: I like pearls; perhaps they can do more for me than just serve as pretty ornamentation. And so I grabbed for the Radiance Facial Exfoliator, which boasts crushed Tahitian pearls as its main ingredient, and took it home for a test run. The consistency had just enough grit to make me feel like I was getting a good clean, and the scent—a bit sweet at first, then more dense and musky—made me a fast fan. Although, truth be told, it’s the idea that I am treating my face to a slathering of micronized pearl dust that keeps me looking forward to my morning scrub.

Photo: Courtesy of Bulgari



  1. candy says:


  2. NotMod says:

    ‘Extensive experience in gemology’, ei? No doubt about that, only the crushed pearl bit. Think: uncured fish sauce…

    Open the page below, open (if necessary) the third paper top-down – the one about pearl stinkers:

    No kidding’

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