August 21 2014

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Katie Holmes Walks The Line


After getting word from makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury during the Fall shows that lip liner is back in a major way for 2009, we’ve been noticing the return of an early-nineties trend that, like Hammer-style harem pants, we thought might never make a comeback. Yes, we’re talking about the dark liner/minimal lip color look, popularized by girl group En Vogue and reinterpreted by Katie Holmes at the 30th anniversary celebration of the Independent Filmmaker Project last night (please also note her equally decade-appropriate Winona-in-Reality Bites hairstyle). Thoughts on the trend’s re-emergence?

Photos: From left, Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Image; Getty Images



  1. ashbeauty says:

    nooooooo! i remember the days of lining my lips and I cringe at the flashbacks!

  2. StephanieClaudia says:

    I hate it. You shouldn’t reintroduce an old look unless its mixed with something new to make it fresh. Even with this lip-liner, though, I’m doubtful it could ever look fresh.

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