August 29 2014

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Milkmaid Braids: A Tip Sheet


This month’s issue of Numéro features a black-and-white spread starring cover girl Heidi Mount, in which the model dons a series of broad-shouldered blazers, geometric prints, and structural hair styles to match. While we were originally going to post a Minnie Mouse-inspired look from the story, courtesy of hairstylist Diego Da Silva (picture two French twists wrapped over mesh netting and pinned to either side of her head), we opted for this one in order to reassure you that you too can do milkmaid braids. That’s right; they look way more complicated than they actually are:

Step 1: Part your hair where you usually wear it and make two medium-tight braids on either side, à la Pippi Longstocking.

Step 2: Wrap one braid across the crown of your head, securing on the opposite side with a bobby pin.

Step 3: Repeat with other braid.

Step 4: Add additional bobby pins where needed.

Heidi’s incarnation is particularly lustworthy due to the addition of clip-on bangs and some hair extensions, which make the braid coronet appear even thicker than her tresses might normally allow. For the thin-haired among you who fancy yourselves marginally arty, another way to beef up the style is to add fabric strips for dimension and color to each section before you braid. Yes, it’s a direct Frida Kahlo rip-off, but life is supposed to imitate art on occasion, no?

Photo: Sebastian Kim for Numéro #102, April 2009



  1. erica123b says:

    beauty counter sure loves a milkmaid braid!

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