August 23 2014

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New Innovation For Skin That’s Baby Soft


In the latest bit of “what will they think of next” news, Dutch scientists have developed a synthetic version of the natural protective cream, Vernix caseosa, found on babies. The milky white film covers the fetus and newborns, helping skin growth inside the womb by acting as a waterproofing agent, and post-birth when the substance hydrates and cleanses. The new product was designed for use as an ointment to protect preemies against temperature changes, dehydration, and infection, although it has showed great potential for soothing damaged and underdeveloped adult skin after clinical trials. What will they call it, we wonder? The only things we could come up with warrant a Saturday Night Live-style spoof, so we’re hoping the brain trust of copywriters at work on the project in the Netherlands is having better luck.

Photo: Brand New Images/Getty Images

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